When father and son Verhoeven (horsepeople all there lives) imported there first
Shire, they had no idea, where it would end. Except some geldings of for example
Heineken and some particuliar, they obviaousely knew the giant horses. Quality
mares wern't for export and carriage, harness etc. wa only to find in England. To
appear at shows with the shires etc. everybody asked for big hores. Even from
Germany, Denmark, Swiss, Switserland etc. Verhoeven started a stable, with pure
from the English top selected horses and they made it! Open the border for mares!!!

In 1995 there came a society, who organise every year the Dutch National
Championships, were we announce with proud,won every year the supreme
championships and a lot of other championships won in The Netherlands aswell in the
neighbour country's Germany and Belgium! From the 300 shires is 90% brood by
ROBIN HOOD STABLES. There are stallions in every color (black, bay, grey) for
breeding at “ROBIN HOOD’S STABLE”, see stallions, they are the future for the
Dutch Shirerbreeders and amateur.

Nex to breeding and training for rider and coachman,it's the job of this people to
always have 10 or 20 horses for the otfen beginning amateurs. Especially a foal is
very convenient,for anybody who wants to grow up with them! Beside that they
select on caracter and type, which horse is the best for you. The shire is a great
horse in harness but also great in saddle! One shire can pull a wagon with 25 people
on it with no problems while the other one is better for ride in the wood for hours
or a little jump!

For all those reasons and the fact that the Verhoeven’s not only are merchants, but
also great fans with there own ride and using SHIRES, You can find them on a lot of
shows, for all those reasons, even for you, this is the most trustable, you buy here
with no risc and because of their experience of businesso also for the best price!!

We're there for you 7 days a week and you also can buy here saddles, harness, food
and other requisites (special made) for this GENTLE GIANT.